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Parenting Coordination
Co-parenting and decision-making on behalf of children can be complex. A third party may be helpful in cases where court orders or agreements encounter implementation challenges. Our staff sensitively reduces acrimony through cooperation.
Parenting coordination
Parenting coordination allows a lawyer, counsellor or psychologist to assist parents who are having difficulty co-parenting and making decisions about their children.
  • The mediation and/or arbitration roles of the coordinator assist parents in coming to agreements and making determinations about an issue
  • Reduces the likelihood of repeated court appearances to resolve disputes
  • Coordinators help to clarify court-ordered agreements, and assist parties in considering the interests of children
  • Involvement of coordinator is time-limited (usually two years) and focuses on getting parents to work together
Parenting coordinators help parents build the capacity to make decisions for themselves and their child in the future. The long-term goal is to make the parenting coordinator unnecessary, since the capacity of parents should grow over time, working together to resolve any disagreements or issues on their own. A seasoned and caring parenting coordinator is able to assist parents in coming to agreements about their children and, when that is not possible, make thoughtful and reasoned determinations to resolve impasses.

Parenting Coordinators may be valuable based on your situation.
Dispute resolution does not have to go through the court system. Our well-trained, objective professionals can assist with dispute resolution, which can include negotiation, collaboration and mediation. Reaching a mutually agreed upon solution is our goal always.
Dispute resolution comes in many different forms and can involve more than two parties. Depending on your situation, settlement may be possible.
  • Discussion allows multiple avenues to be explored and can create a resolution that is considerate of both parties’ interests
  • Diminishes the likelihood of lengthy and costly legal battles
  • Increases the possibility of amicable relations between parties in the future
  • Allows parties to retain control over their affairs and craft their own solutions
Mediation is one option, however collaborative law is also a viable alternative. Collaborative law can be a formal or informal process that allows lawyers and other experts — like financial planners, child specialists, and divorce coaches — to engage in active dialogue. In a formal process, parties agree not to pursue court action while the process is ongoing. In an informal process, parties and their lawyers attempt to resolve the dispute amicably through four-way meetings. Regardless of its form, settlement-focused approaches should be considered.
Our guiding principle is that settlement in family law cases is best. However, Kitsilano Family Law has the ability to litigate and will do so when necessary. Our long case history demonstrates our firm’s commitment to clients inside the courtroom.
Litigation is a comprehensive service offered by Kitsilano Family Law that addresses many different situations. From phone calls to court appearances, our firm does it all.
  • Kitsilano Family Law has a history of handling trials dealing with custody matters, including allocation of parental responsibility and child support
  • Cross-border child abduction cases have been litigated by our legal team, resulting in children being returned to their appropriate guardian
  • Conscientious staff at Kitsilano Family law ensures that clients understand the legal process and the options available to them
  • Members of our legal team also hold membership in litigation-based organizations, including the Trial Lawyers’ Association of British Columbia
The Kitsilano Family Law team addresses all areas of litigation, including court appearances and trials. Prior to such appearances, we conduct extensive research and prepare a variety of documentation, which can include affidavits and pleadings. Through direct and timely consultations with our clients, Kitsilano Family Law better understands the specific circumstances of your case. In order to better understand your situation, it would be wise to setup a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the options.
International Family Law
While instances of child abduction are rare, they unfortunately do occur. Kitsilano Family Law is one of the foremost specialists in Canadian child abduction cases. Our firm’s expertise extends internationally to include cross-border child abduction.
International Family Law
International Family Law is a unique area of expertise at Kitsilano Family Law. While cases can be complex, our team ensures that clients are fully supported.
  • Over two decades of experience handling cases involving cross-border custody matters and international child abduction
  • We have strong relationships through membership in organizations such as the International Academy of Family Lawyers
  • In a recent notable case, Kitsilano Family Law successfully represented a mother who sought to have British Columbia take jurisdiction over California
  • In another notable case, Kitsilano Family Law at the appeals stage and leave application stage, leading to our client’s recovery of her child
Kitsilano Family Law continues to be a leader in Canada regarding International Family Law, specifically child abduction cases. We have many notable cases spanning decades that illustrate our ongoing specialty in child recovery. Trying and complex circumstances require support, precision and documentation. Our team coordinates with all relevant parties to ensure the court process is as seamless as possible. For more information, simply visit our post about notable cases or contact us for a free consultation.
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