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Our expertise includes many methods of family law dispute resolution.


Our trained family law mediators will act as a neutral, impartial third party to assist family members in reaching a consensual and voluntary agreement to resolve their dispute. We accept legal aid and "low bono" clients for mediation.
  • Mediation is a voluntary, consensual dispute resolution process in which parties try to reach an agreement. The process is facilitated by a trained, neutral, and impartial third party (the mediator).
  • Rather than going to court and having a judge make the call, mediation can allow parties to reach creative, personalized solutions and retain control and privacy over the resolution of their family law matters.
  • Parties can attend mediations with or without lawyers, but they should at minimum receive independent legal advice before signing off on any agreements reached at mediation, and should ideally access some legal advice before starting mediation so that they are better informed. A mediator cannot give legal advice to either party.
  • Mediation can potentially help parties understand each other's interests, de-escalate the family conflict, and allow parties a better chance of having an amicable relationship in the future.

Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") comes in many different forms. The goal is to avoid the court process and to reach a private resolution of your family law dispute. ADR methods include negotiation, mediation (using a neutral third party to facilitate a consensual resolution), and arbitration (using a neutral third party to make a binding decision if the parties cannot agree). Depending on your situation, settlement may be possible. The benefits of ADR may include:
  • Allowing more discussion and exploration of options and interests, so that any resolution reached can be more creative, personalized, and considerate of the parties’ longterm goals
  • Diminishing the likelihood of lengthy and costly legal battles
  • Increasing the possibility of amicable relations between parties in the future
  • Allowing parties to retain control and privacy over their affairs

Our lawyers are skilled in assisting clients in ADR methods, including by drafting agreements, advising and representing clients in negotiations, and representing clients at mediations and arbitrations. Regardless of their form, settlement-focused ADR approaches should be considered. For more information, please contact us to schedule a consultation.


Litigation means proceeding through the court system to resolve a legal issue. This can involve drafting and filing court pleadings, attending court appearances, and preparing for and attending trials. Sometimes, when other options have failed, the only way to resolve a legal issue is to apply to court and seek a court order. Often, even if litigation is commenced, parties can resolve matters out of court or through interim court appearances without attending a full trial. At Kitsilano Family Law, you can expect:
  • We are experienced in litigating all kinds of family legal issues, including financial and parenting matters, and have appeared successfully at all levels of court (Provincial, Supreme, and Appeals) in B.C.
  • We have extensive experience, success, and expertise in cross-border child abduction cases
  • We continuously ensure that clients understand the legal process, our legal advice, and the options available to them
  • Our lawyers are all members of litigation-based organizations, including the Trial Lawyers’ Association of British Columbia, ensuring up-to-date education and access to professional resources

Litigation is a comprehensive full-representation service. Prior to any court appearance, we ensure that we have a detailed understanding of your case, conduct any necessary legal research, draft any necessary pleadings or arguments, and collect and organize your evidence. For more information, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Interjurisdictional Cases

Interjurisdictional family law matters, especially those involving cross-border parenting disputes, are a unique area of expertise at Kitsilano Family Law. While theses cases can be very complex, our team's experience ensures that clients are fully supported. At our firm, we have:
  • Over two decades of experience handling cases involving cross-border parenting matters and international child abduction
  • Strong connections to family lawyers in other jurisdictions through membership in organizations such as the International Academy of Family Lawyers
  • An extensive history of success in notable child abduction court cases

Kitsilano Family Law continues to be a leading firm in British Columbia in this niche legal area. We have many notable court cases spanning decades that illustrate our experience and success in child recovery. These difficult and complex circumstances require support, precision, and careful documentation. Our team coordinates with all relevant parties to ensure the court process is as seamless as possible. For more information, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Family Law Agreements

No one expects a new relationship to end, but it can happen. We can help you reduce uncertainty and conflict in the event of relationship breakdown by drafting or advising you about cohabitation or marriage agreements.

More information to come!

Unbundled Services

We have various lower-cost options for clients who do not want full legal representation but still need some guidance. We offer limited scope “unbundled” legal services, legal coaching, and designated paralegal services.

More information to come!

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At Kitsilano Family Law, our approach is informed by listening. We can provide guidance on your family law situation during an initial consultation. For new family law matters, we offer an initial 1-hour consultation at 200 cad plus taxes (or 100 cad plus taxes for half an hour). For ongoing family law matters and independent legal advice, consultations are charged at lawyers' hourly rates. Contact us to learn about your options.
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