April 30, 2019

Family Law Client Testimonials

Kitsilano Family Law client testimonials

Kitsilano Family Law has worked with a variety of clients, each dealing with their own unique circumstances.

Although such situations are never easy, our staff at Kitsilano Family Law ensures that clients and their families receive the support they need. From co-parenting to child abduction, our firm specializes in family law dispute resolution both outside — and inside — of court.

Below is a collection of our client testimonials. Seeing our clients moving forward is ultimately what drives us.

Kitsilano Family Law Client Testimonials

"I can't even begin to explain how horrible I felt when my children were abducted by their father and taken from the United States to Canada. I started The Hague convention with the help of a very competent attorney. The hearing was set for a day that my attorney would not be available, that is when Mr. Storey stepped in. It was the best thing that ever happened to us. His experience and competence are the reason I now have my boys back after not seeing them for over four months.

"Mr. Storey is incredibly diligent and gave me the hope to keep fighting.

"I have learned so much through the process and am blessed to have my children back. The Kitsilano group is incredible. There is a sense of helplessness when dealing with international cases as you do not really know what to expect. Mr. Storey made sure to explain every step of the way to me so that I had a real understanding of what was going on and what had to be done.

"I could never repay them for all they have done." — NR

"I will ABSOLUTELY recommend Mr. Storey. He was involved in my international child custody case and helped me find my son and bring him back to Canada. He was unbelievably committed to helping me find him. He contacted government officials, Interpol, missing children agencies, etc., that he thought could help us locate him. He was VERY instrumental in my case and I am forever thankful to him for uniting me with my son. I don't think words can ever express my sincere gratitude for all that he has done for me and my son. We should write a book about this case one day!!!!!" — TF

"A few years ago it was necessary for me to employ the services of a Canadian lawyer to act for me in a child abduction case from Europe. I was given a list of names and had to choose one of them. I made a precursory call to the first name on the list, and had a brief conversation with William Storey. My initial impression was that I was dealing with a straight talker, and taking it on trust, with my fingers crossed, I decided to go with him.

"I was extremely glad that I made the decision to go with the services of Mr. Storey. As you can imagine, the nature of my case was very emotive, so not only did I need a competent lawyer, I also needed someone who would understand the great emotional strain I was under, and the worry and anxiety that was an integral part of it all (there being a child involved).

"My case was not so straightforward. It took many twists and turns and was quite lengthy. There were times when my anxiety levels were very high, and Mr. Storey took the time to reassure me every time. I never felt like I was being a nuisance. Throughout it all, he was extremely competent and showed great integrity. He dealt with the case in a very caring, compassionate manner and I knew that was because I was not 'just a client', it was because he really cared about me as a person. I also learnt over time how much he cared about the welfare of my child, who was at the centre of the whole thing.

"Those challenging days are over and not ones that I would like to repeat. But I have to say, looking back, I really do feel that I was blessed in my choice of lawyer. Mr. Storey and I built a very real human relationship during the months that we worked together, and we have remained in contact since my return to Europe, emailing each other from time to time. That, I think, says an awful lot." — DB


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Pets under the Family Law Act
June 12, 2024

On January 24, 2024, amendments (changes) were made to the Family Law Act (FLA) to reflect the long-held sentiment that pets are members of the family. It is no wonder why animals can become part of the dispute during a separation; the prospect of a person being separated from their pet can cause fear and distress for individuals.

Red Dress Day
May 8, 2024

On May 5, 2024, BC observed Red Dress Day in honour of the Murdered Missing Indigenous Women (“MMIW”) also referred to by many as “Stolen Sisters”. For many, this day of observance can be painful for loved ones of a Stolen Sister as many of these cases (reported and unreported) are left without answers.

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Collaborative divorce is an alternative dispute resolution model to traditional litigation. It is an interest-based approach that has the couple work in a team setting. The objective, coming to a resolution that works for both spouses. 

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