A Rock and a Hard Place - A Presentation on International Child Custody and Parental Child Abduction Cases

I recently attended a conference put on by the British Columbia Trial Lawyers Association in Vancouver regarding family law. At this conference, ‘A Rock and a Hard Place – Complex Issues in Family Law Practice’, I was on one of the panels. My panel, which consisted of Penny Lipsack from the Office of the Ministry of the Attorney General and myself, dealt with the law concerning international child custody and parental cross border child abduction. During my presentation I discussed the law regarding how jurisdiction in cross border child custody cases could be resolved, and I also talked about some of the recent British Columbia cases which dealt with this issue. I also discussed the law regarding international parental child abduction and some recent cases regarding that area of the law, and concluded by discussing some steps that could be taken to stabilize the situation in cases in which there is a potential for a parental child abduction to occur. The conference as a whole was very useful and stimulating with numerous interesting and knowledgeable presenters.

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